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An online community that engages in various activities on the internet. It has a passion for developing random projects on GitHub, creating content on TikTok and YouTube, and managing Minecraft servers.

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A simple powerful Discord music bot built to fulfill your production desires. Easy to use, with no coding required.
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WhatsApp Bot
A simple and easy-to-use WhatsApp bot project, written in TypeScript.
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Minecraft Server
We host an Minecraft server, named Stegripe Network. You can play some Minecraft games like Survival, OneBlock, Hardcore, and more here.
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TikTok Account
We have an official account with 6000+ followers, variable content starting from Minecraft, Genshin Impact, and live streams.
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YouTube Channel
Usually, we will publish content from TikTok that requires better quality and longer duration on this 1000+ subscribers channel.
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Instagram Profile
For purposes related to the Stegripe, such as daily activity stories, community portfolio profiles, etc. will be uploaded into this account.